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Inside the New Evangelization  (Family Foundations Magazine, Sept/Oct 2014)

“We can only evangelize if we ourselves are willing to truly come from a place of poverty and vulnerability,” she said. “We’re not up on some pedestal where we bestow our love and our doctrine and our wisdom—no, no – we’re down on the ground, watering each other’s feet with our tears and saying, ‘I’m thankful for you, I need you, I love you.’ In my experience, people respond to that.” (Heather King)


Not an article, but a speech: Thanks to Jen Fulwiler at Conversion Diary for providing audio transcripts of all the Edel Gathering talks, including mine, at her blog. Definitely one of the most receptive audiences I’ve ever had the privilege to address! (July 2014)


Thank you to the University of St. Thomas for a very gracious article about me!

UST Today article 


23 Catholic Business Deans Convene for Groundbreaking Ethics Conference: my take(s) (Spring 2014)

“Author George Brenkert calls it the “business ethics Groundhog Day”: each time a new financial scandal hits the news, a paroxysm of handwringing sweeps the nation. More regulations are proposed, and business schools tweak their token ethics courses yet again. The collective outrage dies soon after, only to be resurrected by yet another scandal, and more ineffectual response. That might be about to change…”


What I Learned at the Stoplight (Catholic Digest)

“It wasn’t the beggar’s life I was being called to change in these haphazard, drive-by encounters.     It was mine.”

Crazy, but True: Examining the “Eat, Pray, Love” phenomenon (Faith and Family archives)

“There’s something about Eat, Pray, Love I can’t quite shake.  Like a familiar old temptation, it still appeals and repulses and frustrates…”

What I Saw in the Chapel (Faith and Family archives)

“Stumbling out into the cold, faded evening, I fought back tears and alternating sensations of panic and euphoria. ‘They are kneeling to a piece of bread. They are kneeling to a piece of bread...’”

Relocating for Love (Catholic Digest)

 “Make sure you really know the person,” he said. “Make sure you’ve spent a fair amount of time with them before you pick up and leave everything for them.”

(Best Feature award, Catholic Press Association 2011)

When Angels Rush In (Faith and Family archives)

“Where was God in all of this? I wondered. Couldn’t He hear us, begging for help? Couldn’t He see us, desperately treading water and slowly, slowly, drowning?”

Seeking a Sign (Faith and Family archives)

“Like many Christians, I often struggle to discern God’s will in my life. Faced with crucial decisions or worrying circumstances, I sometimes find the right relationship between prudence and faith, action and trust, not merely difficult to attain but downright impossible to determine.”

Cohabitation Nation: A Wake-up Call for Catholics (from Family Foundations magazine, May/June 2010)

“Among friends, the fact that he and Cherie were “living in sin” was merely fodder for wisecracks, LaValley said. “We were Catholic,” he observed, “but we weren’t afraid of sin.”

(Best Feature winner, Catholic Press Association, 2011)

Hands To Heaven (Crisis magazine)

“I looked at the clock — 2:20 a.m. — then at my mewling, scrunchy little baby, and knew like Napoleon at Waterloo that the end had come — the end of life as I knew and liked it.”

 Surrender the Choosing : A Lenten Journey Toward Trust (Faith and Family archives)

“Trusting God doesn’t mean trusting He won’t let tragedy strike.  The truth is, He may.”

Hiding Eggs and Finding Faith (Faith and Family archives)

How do you reach Easter when you’re stranded in Gethsemene? How do you rejoice when grief threatens to swamp each attempt?”

  Sippy Cups for Christ (Faith and Family archives)

“As I heard the words, I grasped for just one ravishing moment the sheer scandal of the Incarnation, so wondrous and devastating in its particularity.”

Less Inspires More (from the Writer magazine) (Winner of the Silvia K. Burack Award)

“On the bottom shelf, a red square book juts out like a chunk of watermelon, always ready for my grasp.  Minimalismo/Minimalism by Sovia Cheviakoff, a guide to modern architecture, has somehow become my most inspirational–and exigent–writing instructor.”

The Harsh and Dreadful Love of the Poor ( Houston Catholic Worker magazine)

“Let me tell you something,” he said. “I admire your courage. I admire your idealism.  But I will predict something, too.  In about five years, maybe sooner, you are going to burn out and quit.”

Reprint:  “Faith at the Edge: A New Generation of Catholics Reflects on Life, Love, Sex and Other Mysteries” (Ave Maria Press, 2008) Reprint: “Primary Source Readings in Catholic Social Justice (St. Mary’s Press, 2007) Reprint: Spiritans magazine (May 2002) Discussion Exercise: Theology Dept. University of Notre Dame, Prof. Matthew Ashley


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